My fees for a psycho-educational testing commensurates with the guidelines established by the Ontario Psychological Association (OPA). A typical psycho-educational assessment includes the following:

  • Psychological consultation (1 hour)
  • Ability and Achievement testing (6 hours)
  • Teacher interviews
  • Administration and Scoring of emotional/ behavioral/ social rating scales (1 hour)
  • Report writing (4 hours)
  • Feedback meeting (1 hour)

You may self refer yourself or be referred by your family doctor or paediatrician. Psychological services are not covered by OHIP, and payment needs to be made directly. Sometimes, private or workplace extended insurance plans will reimburse for some or most of the costs of psychological services. You will need to check with your insurance provider about their specific requirements in terms of referral , what specific psychological services are covered , and the reimbursement amounts.The policy for cheques that are returned due to’not sufficient funds’ will result in the client repaying the amount plus the $20.00 penalty charged.